A Custom Skive is the Tool you Need

| March 8, 2016

Skive (also Scive) Tools are custom fashioned devices that can be held by hand or in a tool holder and used to smooth, crease, form, shape, or work a surface. The tool is designed for the precise application at hand. We at Michigan Brush design and manufacture these tools in wholesale volumes so you can standardize your manufacturing processes while retaining the unique advantage of hand finishing or a process that needs that subtle touch. A process you can only get using a custom designed skivetool.

These tools have been used for hundreds of thousands of years for leather work. In modern times they are used in applying finishes or adhesives, rolling off edges and are fashions to use with fabrics, metals, plastics or paper based materials by both craftsmen and unskilled workers.

Let us help design your perfect Skivetool to meet a specific need in your manufacturing process.

Skives of Every Time to do Every Job


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